Monday, May 28, 2012

Hungarian Picture Things

Warning: if you've browsed these on Facebook, the words won't tell you much that you didn't already know. But read 'em anyway. 

Hello, Budapest! 

Nyugati train station.

Parliament is behind me. 

And Parliament is behind me again! 

While strolling through the city, I found this building. It's a music school. I thought, Why not pop inside? I did and listened at doorways and concluded that it probably wasn't open for tourists. 

Hungarian State Opera House! 

Ticket to Verdi's Macbeth!  Cue joy. 


My shoes weren't totally right for the occasion.

The company. 

I look at  my pictures of the interior now and think, These all look totally the same. What was my deal? Thrill. THAT was my deal. 



On Wednesday, I got on a bus to the old section of the city. "Old" apparently means "Communistic." It was really interesting and a tiny bit terrifying. 

I found my way back to this. 


Callas, a cafe right across the street from the opera house. I ate here before seeing....

...The Karamazovs! It was a ballet and it was gorgeous. 

Greetings again, house of opera (and other fine arts). 

 Stage! See this view? It was worth 4000 forints...or $17.00. God bless Hungary.

Reclining during intermission. (Those are indeed jeans I'm wearing. This is the last time I will ever not pack a dress.)

More people! 

The Budapest airport's surroundings. A teeeeeny bit intimidating. 

On the train back to Vaxjo, I found my sitting-in-vehicles soulmate. Honestly, look at his posture and tell me we're not meant to be.
...then I saw his wedding ring. Oh well. You win some, you lose some. 

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