Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Gotland Gazings

(What's a gazing? I don't know. It starts with G and made the alliteration happen. That's all that's important.)

We stayed in these. They were basically immovable trailers, but they were really new and really nice. 

Really really really vintage houses at the Bunge Museum.

I think that, once upon a time, my family lived here. This is backed up by mother's proclamation that she "feels like" our family resided in Gotland. Would've been handy to know of this feeling before I went there, but better late than never.  

....though who am I kidding? My family still kind of does live in this setting. 

The coastline at Fårö. Its Wikipedia page is here, and is worth a read. 
(Here is a good place to thank Wikipedia for its existence. It does a great job with explaining things I don't want to.) 

You bet this was taken with self-timer. 

Visby! Wanna know about it? Click this.
Don't wanna read that? Summary: well-preserved medieval things. Which you'll see if you continue scrolling.

I have pictures of pigeons from many places. Are there better things I could take pictures of? Yes. But pigeons have a special place in my heart. Wherever you go, there are pigeons. Just don't touch them. They're filthy. 

Crossing the Baltic Sea to the mainland. 

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