Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Not-So-Secret Shame

I can't believe I haven't spewed this all over here yet, so here we go.

Titanic is being re-released in 3D on April 4th to (nearly) coincide with the 100th anniversary of the ship sinking.  Everybody remember that film?  The one that was the highest-grossing movie of all time 'til Avatar? Yeah. It's coming back.

And I am having multiple heart attacks.

 I didn't get to see Titanic in the theater when it came out the first time. (I don't know why. I've asked my mother, and she has no explanation. I haven't asked my father, because I'm sure he was oblivious to nineties pop culture, save for Seinfeld and country music. I think the best explanation is that I showed no desire to do so, something I deeply regret now.) However, when I finally saw it on video, I fell in love.  This love was for everything: the drama of history as imagined by James Cameron, the music, the clothes, and Kate Winslet. This is why I permed my hair and dyed it red in junior high--I wanted to be Rose DeWitt Bukater. This is also why I own three versions of it (VHS, DVD, and special edition DVD--with bonus features!), yet whenever it's on TBS (Very Funny?) or AMC or anywhere, I watch the whole darn thing, much to the chagrin of Jeffie. ("Haven't you seen this eighty times?" Yes. Now stop talking. I can't hear the dialogue I've had memorized since I was seven.)

Yet, with all this, my decade-spanning dream in life has been to see it in the theater.

And now, fourteen years later, I am going to finally live that dream--in 3D and in Sweden, no less! From what I understand, there will be English audio with Swedish subtitles, so it could even be a learning experience. (It won't be. But it could be.)

The thing comes out in one week. I'm living in a state of perpetual anticipation. In one week from right now, I will be one hour away from three hours of emotion.

I leave you with this:

Seven days and counting. I can do it. I have no choice.

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