Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Yesterday's Logs

Curious about Sweden? Well, just hold your horses. I haven't formed it into words yet.

But, for your enjoyment, yesterday's airport notes!


12:36 P.M., Minneapolis/St. Paul

I'm supposed to board my flight to Chicago O'Hare at gate E10.  There's a crowd of people up there.  Are they checking in?  Didn't we already do that?

Spent the last day with my cousins in Sleepy Eye, Minnesota.  These are the cousins that share the same strong Scandinavian blood that I have coursing through my tense veins.   They're fantastic people.  (I'm saying that both because they are and because they for sure are reading this.  Hi, guys!)

Hello, guy that looks like Josh Groban.

It's a very clear, very cold day.  Last night's snow is completely gone.  The runway is clear, and as soon as my darn plane gets here, I will be ready to go.

8:37 P.M., Chicago

Phone is dead.  Dead-ish, anyway.  I texted farewells to people.  Figures it would make this dramatic.

I've probably walked five miles around this airport.    I've been running on adrenaline today and now that I'm not doing anything but waiting for my flight to Copenhagen, it's catching up with me.

It's unreal to hear announcements like "Last call for Flight Whatever, nonstop to London Heathrow" and "Boarding now for Istanbul."  I am not in America anymore...because airports are neutral.


The end.  Super-exciting?  Not so much.  But.

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