Saturday, January 28, 2012

"It's a normal Swedish name....IKEA."

Today, there was a pilgrimage from Linnaeus to one of Sweden's most globally significant creations...

Photo credit: Jackie Smith
Pictured: Alex "He Doesn't Even Go Here!" Hipwell, Australian Emelia, and American Emelia 
(Yes, there is ANOTHER Emelia. We are the Emelias.) 

Yep.  IKEA.  The first one ever from 1953.  It's in Ă„lmhult, a town about an hour from Vaxjo.  On the bus ride there, sights included a bunch of trees, a lot of snow, and houses at random.  

Note the cloud line! 

After patronizing Sweden's finest mass-marketed products, we ventured around town a bit.

Okay, so we actually saw this from the bus, but it's in the town, so get over it. 

I hope everyone likes my coat, because it's shaping up to be the only thing I'll be photographed in until at least March. 

Then we accidentally boarded the bus an entire hour early and compared driver's licenses and our various ID cards.   On the return trip to Vaxjo, I fell asleep.  This was a big deal, because I usually can't sleep in moving vehicles.  Seriously, I can count the number of times it's happened on one hand.  (But I won't, because no one cares about that.) 

Tomorrow is a day of cultural happenings in town.  Stay tuned. 

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