Sunday, January 8, 2012

Why There?

  • Scandinavia is in my blood. All of my great-grandfathers (don't ask) came from Sweden.  From the time I could comprehend things, my mother told me stories about our relatives and traditions from the homeland.  All this knowledge made me love my heritage.  See the previously posted photo for proof!
  • The fashion opportunities.  I've followed Elsa Billgren's blog for almost two years, and Lily of the Valley, a vintage shop in Gothenberg that I found while googling retro stockings,  for longer than that.  The women running these two blogs have amazing style.  They've inspired my own clothing choices, and I'm excited to get over there and do some shopping, both retail and vintage. 
  • Adventure and misadventure.  I went to Oaxaca, Mexico when I was sixteen and got lost in the heart of the city twice in less than three days.  Those weren't my finest moments, but they were necessary.  I learned how to handle not knowing what was going on.  Handling included a lot of hyperventilating and broken Spanish pleas for directions (por favor, tienda-owner).  I know that five months in Sweden will be way more full of events than ten days south of the border were.  This is both exciting and horrifying.
  • I'm tall.  Swedes are tall.  Therefore, I should fit in.

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