Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Swedish Words and Phrases I Know for Sure

Hej.  Means hello.
Hej hej!  Means hello, hello! 
Hej doa.  Means goodbye.

Nasta. Means next, as in next stop, or get off here, foreigner.   Useful on trains and buses.

Kyckling.  Means chicken.  Useful when looking at a menu and having no freakin' clue what any of the other words mean.

Jag heter Emelia.  Means My name is Emelia.  Useful when wanting to tell a Swede who you are, thereby instigating a conversation in Swedish that you will have no idea how to translate.

Rea.  Means sale.
Slut.  Means end.  (Not cheap, as I originally thought.)
Slut rea.  Means sale end.  Also means buy the sweater; life is short.

Jag talar engelska, spanska, och lite tyska och svenska.  Means I speak English, Spanish, and a little German and Swedish.  I hope a little translates to incredibly minimal, or else I am falsely advertising my linguistic ability.

Also, I kind of know numbers.

That's all, folks.

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