Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dramatically Challenged

Warning: this is not really about Sweden. kind of is.  Well...just read. 

Musical theatre is one of my favorite things in the whole world.  I stole the VHS of Cats from the library as an impressionable child and learned all the songs.  And all the dances.  (Believe me, there is nothing like a six-year-old shaking it to "Macavity: The Mystery Cat.")  As I grew up, I embraced a wide variety of other theatre, but I always came back to musicals.

But why do we, the readers of this non-theatre blog, care? you understandably ask.

Ladies and gentlemen, you care because I care.  And because I will eventually tie it to what I'm doing right now.

For the past two summers, I've been involved with the Aberdeen Community Theatre, a fantastic organization in Aberdeen, South Dakota, a town an hour and a half from where I live.  Two years ago, I played Mrs. Potiphar in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. 

Best dress ever. 
Pictured: Mrs. Potiphar as a commoner, Emily Davis as the Narrator, and Kyle Stugelmayer as choreography wizard, performer, and creator of  previously pictured  BEST DRESS EVER. 

That was the summer before my freshman year of college.  College happened, and before I knew it, summer was fast approaching.  I drove back from Missouri to audition for Chicago in April, and then started rehearsals in May, about a month after everyone else did...because I'm convenient. 
Jeffie's so amused that his only daughter is a twenties tramp with really dark eyebrows.   

Pictured: me (lookin' demented), my upside-down top (I don't even know), and Liz Lewno, a fabulous chickadee.

This summer, though, may be a problem.  The musical is most likely going to be in early June, which is the same time I return from my adventures overseas.  This overlap makes me sad, because I know I can't just audition with a video and waltz into a show with a week or less of rehearsal.  I mean, yes, I'm in Europe (for those of you that took a bathroom break in December and are just returning now), and it's phenomenal, but I'd love to be a part of whatever ACT is cooking up.  

...I suppose this is one of those things that will require me to be patient.  I don't know how to do that.

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